Here is some (hopefully) useful information for you to read regarding guidelines, food and beverage services, and other details to make your experience great.


Show Info

Drive-In Experience Schedule & Tickets can be found here.

All shows will be one 75-90 minute set. It is our goal to start and end shows on time. There will not be an “opener”. In the event of rain, we will schedule a rain date. Per information given at time of purchase, tickets for outside shows are non-refundable. If you cannot attend a show on the rain date, you will need to sell or give your ticket to someone else.

Most outdoor shows will be streamed live on our website. If you would like to TIP the performer or venue, there is a TIP JAR on the individual show pages of our streaming website.


Arrival Time and What to Expect

Parking lot opens 45 minutes before each show.

A Box Office attendant will be at the entrance to check your ticket status. PLEASE BRING YOUR EMAIL CONFIRMATION TO THE SHOW. You will be given a flyer when you arrive. The flyer will have information and our menu on it. Parking attendants will guide you into a parking space. Cars will be parked based on the size of the vehicle. Lower cars in front, bigger vehicles in back. You will not be allowed to move your vehicle to another spot. Vehicles that don’t fit in a parking space (such as campers) will not be allowed entry. Your view of the stage will be dependent on your location and the number of large vehicles in the lot. Please bring your smallest vehicle so that everyone will be able to see the stage.


How to Park

Park facing the STAGE unless you plan on sitting in the bed of your pick-up truck, in which case, you will have the rear of your vehicle facing the stage.


Your Home Space

Every vehicle has an adjacent space that you will be allowed to put a lawn chair in. This space is the one on the DRIVER’S SIDE of the vehicle, assuming you parked facing the stage. This is not a space intended for tailgating and mingling. Per current NH regulations, you need to either be in your vehicle or immediately adjacent to it. No walking around or visiting neighbors.


NH Guidelines to Follow

For everyone’s safety, and to ensure that we continue to be allowed to do this, patrons need to follow New Hampshire’s “Stay at Home 2.0 Reopening Guidance for Drive-In Movie Theatres. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in removal from the premises.



We have installed four porta potty bathrooms around the parking lot on the grass areas. There are social distancing markers painted in front of each bathroom to show you where to stand while you are waiting. We suggest that patrons wear masks and gloves when going to use the bathroom and standing in line.


Food and Beverages

We will be taking online food orders from the time the parking lot opens until 30 minutes after the show begins. To order food, simply click on the live link that was in your pre-show email sent the day before the show or go to tupelomusichall.hrpos.heartland.us. All orders are paid in advance. Cash will not be accepted. You will need to tip at the time you order. To support our employees, please consider tipping 20%. Food and beverages will be delivered to your Home Space by employees wearing masks and gloves.



For Drive-In patrons with vehicle spots, we have a “Booze Buggy” that serves the parking spaces. We cannot serve liquor to people in cars but, if you have a lawn chair in the open space next to the vehicle, we would be happy to serve you a frosty beverage. Please do not leave your space to get a drink from the Booze Buggy. Simply wave them down when they approach your spot. PATRONS CANNOT bring liquor onto the property. Doing so is grounds for immediate removal because it violates our liquor license.



If you have an order delivered to your Home Space, we will give you a plastic bag to put your trash in. It would be a big help if you could take your trash home. If you don’t want to do that, please tie up your trash in the bag and leave it in your Home Space. We will pick up garbage when the parking lot is empty.


Streaming and Tipping

Most of our shows will be live streamed on our website. If you have friends who couldn’t attend, suggest they watch the show online. There is also a Tip Jar on the individual show pages of our streaming web site. If you are enjoying the show, want to help the artist or venue out, or just feel that your ticket price could have been higher and want to give an online tip, it would be greatly appreciated. Our carload pricing is based on two people per car. If you brought a car full of people, feel free to give us some extra love in the form of a tip. Cash tips will not be accepted.


Car Idling

Please turn off your car when you park. We do not encourage people to sit in a car that is idling for more than ten minutes.



If you need to light it, it is not allowed on property. This includes cigarettes, cigars, and, of course, marijuana. There’s no “smoking section” for obvious reasons.


Tupelo Drive-In T-Shirts

Commemorative TUPELO DRIVE-IN T-SHIRTS are available to purchase on the Food and Beverage online link. We will deliver to your Home Space!



There are no refunds for any reason. In the event it rains, we will have a rain date. If you cannot attend a show, you are welcome to sell your ticket. We reserve the right to deny entry to anyone purchasing “Scalped” tickets or reselling them above face value.



We love our dogs here at Tupelo Music Hall but, for liability and insurance reasons, we cannot allow them on the property during our outdoor concerts.


Tupelo Outdoor Restaurant

Tupelo Music Hall has an outdoor dining tent with reserved seating during all of our shows. This area will be separate from the Drive-In parking area. Non-refundable seating reservations will need to be made in advance online or by calling the box office. The dining area will be open 75 minutes prior to each show. Patrons in the dining tent WILL NOT need to purchase a Drive-In ticket. Patrons in the Drive-In spaces will not be able to purchase food and drinks in the dining tent. People will need to stay at their tables in the dining area, which will have a side view of the stage with audio.

Thank you to our Drive-In sponsors:

Betley ChevroletGranite State Credit UnionThere will be food and beverage service in the dining area, including FULL BAR services. Waitstaff will take orders at tables designated for 1, 2, 4, and 6 people. Patrons will need to purchase all of the seats at designated tables. Seats are $22 each. Food orders will be taken until 30 minutes after the show begins. Drink orders will continue an extra 30 minutes. There will be a porta-potty close to the dining tent.